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ASSIST AMERICA CASE FILE: Cervical Spine Surgery in India

Gita* and her son had traveled more than 1000 kilometers from their home in India to visit family.  A few days into the trip, however, Gita slipped in the bathroom, injuring her neck in the process. 
She was unable to walk, so her son brought her to an emergency room and called Assist America.  X-rays at the hospital revealed that Gita had suffered multiple fractures in her cervical spine that would require surgical repair.
Assist America's coordinators began to monitor Gita's care and learned that she was in skilled hands, receiving care from one of the most highly-regarded surgeons in the region. Although Gita was scared to be undergoing such a serious surgery so far from home, the surgery was a success and after a few days of recovery and physical therapy, it looked as if Gita was in stable enough condition to return home—however, everyone involved was concerned about Gita’s comfort level since she had taken an 18 hour train ride to get there.  Given her condition, Assist America's medical team thought she would be more comfortable flying the majority of the distance, as this would allow the trip to unfold much more quickly.
Assist America arranged and paid for Gita to fly home via a commercial carrier with a non-medical escort to help out with any of her needs during the trip.  To ensure her comfort, Assist America arranged for a car service to see that Gita received bed-to-bed transport, and even booked an extra seat on her flight so that she could have the entire row to herself to lay down as needed.   
*Name changed for privacy
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