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ASSIST AMERICA CASE FILE: Evacuation from a Western Caribbean cruise

Dana* and her husband Bill* were very excited about their upcoming cruise to the Western Caribbean. They never would have guessed, however, just what an adventure the trip would become.  While docked in the first port they stopped in, Dana became gravely ill.
With fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain unlike any she had felt before, she consulted the ship’s doctor who confirmed what the couple feared: Dana was going to need more serious medical care than the ship could offer.

Using the ship’s phone, they called Assist America.  Assist America’s coordinators understood that with the ship scheduled to move on, time was of the essence.  They immediately sprung into action and provided an air ambulance to extract Dana from the ship and transport her to the closest hospital in the southern US that was equipped to handle whatever Dana’s condition may be.
The evacuation likely saved Dana’s life.  Upon admittance to the hospital, ultrasounds and tests revealed that Dana had suffered a perforated bowel which was causing serious infections in her digestive system. To further complicate matters, surgery would be made difficult due to a hernia that was impacting Dana’s breathing.  The hospital assembled a team of surgeons that worked together to repair all of the damage.  
Once surgery was complete and Dana appeared to be on the road to recovery, Assist America arranged for her transport home, providing a Medical Escort to monitor her status and administer medications during her flight home via first class.  Dana and Bill were relieved not only to be home, but also for the life saving intervention Assist America provided.

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How to interact with Security Services Abroad +

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Protect Sensitive Personal Data While Traveling +

While traveling abroad, it is natural to want to stay connected by bringing along a phone, laptop, or tablet, but doing so often leaves you vulnerable to technologically savvy criminals. Unlike more obvious crimes such as robbery, cybercrimes often go undetected or are not discovered until a victim notices a telltale sign such as a fraudulent charge on their bank account or a new credit card on their credit report. Click to read more...

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Studying Abroad: Final Preparations +

In a couple of weeks, thousands on college kids will be departing for an adventure of a lifetime: study abroad. Before they head out, it’s time to go through the final preparations and go over the check list one last time. With the help of our international staff and colleagues who studied and live abroad, we compiled the ultimate check list to ease the transition into a life abroad. Click to read more...

In Action: Pre-Trip Assistance Prior to a Study Abroad in Italy +

A few weeks ago, Assist America received a call from a worried mother and her daughter, Jessica*, who needed pre-trip and prescription assistance prior to Jessica's departure for a study abroad program in Italy. Read how our coordinators helped Jessica during her final preparations. Click to read more...

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