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ASSIST AMERICA CASE FILE: Fractures in Ireland

Ruby* was enjoying a summer program in Ireland.  After an evening at the local pub with some classmates, however, she fell down the stairs in her dorm, fracturing her knee and elbow.
In a great deal of pain, Ruby was brought to a local hospital while her school contacted Assist America.
Local doctors determined that Ruby would need to undergo surgery and would require a considerable amount of ongoing therapy afterwards.  In conjunction with Assist America, it was determined that it would be best for Ruby to return to her home in Texas for surgery, where she could receive continued care from the doctor performing the surgery.  The only challenge would be getting Ruby home safely.
To accomplish this, Assist America arranged and paid for a medical escort to meet Ruby at her hospital and travel with her via commercial carrier in a special fully reclining seat, where Ruby could rest comfortably from Ireland to a layover in New York.  Since no commercial carriers with fully reclining seats were available for the second leg of the trip, Assist America provided an air ambulance for the remainder of the journey.  Ruby was relieved to arrive home safely to her family and have her injuries treated in a consistent environment.