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ASSIST AMERICA CASE FILE: Infections in Florida

Jay* traveled to Florida for a visit with his mother. Shortly after arriving, he began to complain of pain in his leg and shortness of breath. His symptoms worsened over the next few days and finally his mother convinced him to go to the emergency room to be evaluated. While he was with the doctor, his mother called Assist America.
The treating doctor immediately admitted Jay to the hospital as he had several serious issues going on. Assist America began to monitor his case and learned that he had an infection in a leg that had recently undergone an amputation. He was also diagnosed with fluid in his lungs from pneumonia which was causing his shortness of breath.
Assist America continued to monitor his condition as Jay underwent treatment and recuperated in the hospital for several weeks. When he was ready to be released, Assist America arranged and paid for him to fly home via air ambulance with a medical escort by his side to monitor his breathing. When he arrived at the airport, a ground ambulance was waiting to transport him to a rehabilitation facility to continue his recovery.
Member comment: 
“Everybody in your company was wonderful. They were so helpful in getting me back to Pennsylvania from Florida.”