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ASSIST AMERICA CASE FILE: Member with Multiple Medical Conditions

Rima*, an Assist America member, was brought on a family trip to Southeast Asia by her children, far from her home in the Middle East. 
Rima had a history of complicated medical issues where she struggled with dementia, was prone to falling injuries and had several drug-related allergies.  Essentially, she was a challenging patient.
During the trip, Rima fell and fractured both her leg and hand.  She was taken to a local hospital where the unfamiliar surroundings had a negative effect on her dementia, causing her to be combative with the staff and resistant to treatment. Her children saw that the local hospital was not equipped to deal with a patient in need of specialized care and contacted Assist America.
Assist America determined that Rima needed advanced care at a more qualified facility located in a larger, nearby city and arranged for her to be evacuated by air ambulance.  After she was admitted, Assist America continued to monitor her care. 
Rima’s family was much more comfortable with the care their mother received at the larger hospital.  They decided that when she had made the necessary progress to be released, they would terminate their trip and return to their home for her continued care and rehabilitation. 
Assist America covered Rima’s evacuation from the original hospital, the cost of her repatriation home and all of the monitoring along the way. 

*Name changed for privacy