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ASSISTANCE CASE FILE: Infection in Dallas

Gary* and his son were big fans of the Dallas Cowboys, so as a special treat, they booked a trip to Texas to watch them play at their home stadium. While they were there, however, Gary began experiencing severe abdominal pain.
At the emergency room, he discovered he was suffering from appendicitis, so he underwent laparoscopic surgery, which should have corrected the problem. Days later though, he began to feel much, much worse.

Gary’s wife, Sheila* called Assist America in a panic. Her husband had returned to the hospital, only to be diagnosed with a serious infection that had set in, as a complication of surgery. Assist America began monitoring his care, as he spent nearly two weeks in the hospital battling the infection and undergoing further surgeries.

Finally, he was discharged and told he was able to return to his home in Pennsylvania. However, with drains that had been placed, he was concerned about how to travel home safely and avoid further complications. Luckily, Assist America was able to ease his fears, providing a medical escort to travel alongside him. The medical escort provided oxygen, ensured the drains remained intact and saw that he arrived home safely
Member's Comment
“Everything exceeded my expectations. During a very stressful time everyone at Assist America was kind and helpful, anticipated my questions, and made the transfer home as easy as possible. I really cannot thank you enough. The Medical Escort was wonderful.”