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Companion Life Dental Policyholders Get Additional Coverage While Traveling

Columbia, S.C. – Companion Life Insurance Co., which offers affordable and quality dental insurance to employer groups nationwide, has implemented a program to provide additional peace of mind to its dental policyholders who travel.

Columbia, S.C. – Companion Life Insurance Co., which offers affordable and quality dental insurance to employer groups nationwide, has implemented a program to provide additional peace of mind to its dental policyholders who travel.

Effective immediately, all of Companion Life’s dental insureds whose coverage is insured and administered by Companion Life are entitled to the emergency assistance services offered by Assist America Inc. if they become ill or injured while traveling 100 miles or more away from home, or in another country. Policyholders are automatically enrolled at no extra charge, and coverage is in effect during personal and business travel.

Assist America’s services include medical referral and monitoring, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, hospital admission, prescription assistance, child care arrangements, companion transport and more.

Companion Life President Trescott N. Hinton Jr. said Companion Life is the first national dental carrier to team with Assist America. He said emergency assistance coverage is sometimes a value-added component of life and health insurance, but is not normally included in dental coverage.

“We are pleased to provide this coverage to our dental customers at no additional cost,” Hinton said. “Assist America is known for outstanding customer service and its commitment to respond quickly when a policyholder has a medical emergency. In an emergency, Assist America is there with an array of services, whether it’s replacing a lost or forgotten prescription, locating a hospital or physician, arranging travel, or even arranging child care for a sick or injured policyholder who is away from home.”

In addition to Assist America’s services, Companion Life’s dental insureds also receive a hearing services plan and vision care discounts at no additional charge.

“Companion Life is a trusted name in the insurance industry, and they share the same belief as Assist America – that customer expectations should be met and exceeded in every way,” said Stephanie Croquez, Assist America’s vice president of business development. “Assist America’s services are a valuable and robust enhancement to their wide range of insurance offerings.”

About Companion Life
Headquartered in Columbia, S.C., Companion Life Insurance Co. ( has specialized in employee benefits since 1971. The company markets life, dental, disability, accident and specialty health insurance products through a network of independent agents and brokers, general agents, and managing general underwriters. Companion Life is licensed in 45 states and the District of Columbia. It holds an A.M. Best Rating of A+ (Superior).

Founded in 1990, Assist America, Inc. is the nation's largest provider of global emergency assistance services in partnership with employee benefit plans. Its worldwide network of professionals responds quickly to any eligible member who becomes medically compromised while traveling away from home. The company, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, serves more than 30 million members and over 300,000 enterprises through programs from the world's most prominent group benefit providers. For more information about Assist America, visit

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