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Dr. Sandeep R. Sharma Joins Assist America as Sales Director—India

Hyderabad, India and Princeton, NJ—Assist America Medical Emergency Services(India) Pvt. Limited, a licensed provider of Assist America Services in India,  is pleased to welcome Dr. Sandeep R. Sharma as Sales Director—India, effective December 3rd
Hyderabad, India and Princeton, NJ—(December 3, 2012)—Assist America Medical Emergency Services(India) Pvt. Limited, a licensed provider of Assist America Services in India,  is pleased to welcome Dr. Sandeep R. Sharma as Sales Director—India, effective December 3rd.

Dr. Sharma brings a proven track record of more than ten years of experience working in the insurance industry, focusing on the areas of insurance operations, both international and domestic, as well as provider management, claims management, client relationship management and business development.

Prior to joining Assist America, Dr. Sharma most recently held the position of Vice President of Offshore Business at Paramount Healthcare Management Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai.   While there, he was integral in identifying and developing new overseas business opportunities for both outbound and inbound projects, interacting with key clients to address concerns and identify improvement areas, building and maintaining relations with insurance companies and corporate customers and developing business development strategies to manage and assess customer service, enhance the customer experience and increase customer retention.

During his stint at Paramount Healthcare, Dr. Sharma spearheaded projects for starting joint venture TPA’s in Srilanka and Bahrain, as well as developing the business for inbound healthcare facilitation, particularly from the Middle East.  Dr. Sharma has also worked as Regional Manager - Health Partnerships in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, India’s leading private sector life insurance company.

“Dr. Sharma is a key addition to the Assist America team and we are very pleased to have him head
our sales efforts in India,” says Brian Mulligan, President and CEO of Assist America.  “Dr. Sharma's medical background and experience in the insurance market is a perfect combination for us and we are proud to have him on board.”

Dr. Sharma has a degree of Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from Mumbai University and has completed a Post Graduate Certificate course in Fellowship in Dermatology from the Society of Advanced Studies in Medical Sciences, Delhi.  His clinical work consists of working for ALERT INDIA (NGO) as a clinical medical officer and in addition, he has also been a practicing family physician for seven years. He is also associated with the medical practitioners associations in India.

Founded in 1990, Assist America, Inc. provides global emergency assistance services in partnership with various benefit plans. The company, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, serves more than 30 million members and over 300,000 enterprises through programs from the world’s most prominent group benefit providers. For more information about Assist America, visit

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