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Ebola Case Study

Emily*, the Director of Study Abroad Programs for a large university, felt personally responsible for the safety and well-being of the students from her school that traveled to attend international programs.  Over the years, she had found this responsibility to have certain challenges, given the adventurous nature of students. In the fall semester of 2014, however, these challenges were taking on a new, scarier dimension.
Ebola was plaguing West Africa, and every day, concerns were growing that it would spread to other regions of the world.  Emily was receiving daily calls from concerned parents who wanted to know what would happen if an Ebola outbreak occurred proximate to where their children would be studying.  Overwhelmed with all of the requests, she reached out to her school’s insurance contact, who helped her connect with Assist America.
Assist America noted the locations of the schools study abroad programs and researched each country’s policies and preparedness to deal with an Ebola outbreak.  They provided Emily with a list of the specific facilities that were equipped to treat patients with Ebola, and helped her put together an action plan for an outbreak in any given region where her students would be traveling.
Equipped with Assist America’s research, Emily felt much better prepared to answer questions related to Ebola, and knowing that Assist America was only a phone call away made her feel secure that she had a true partner to ensure the safety of her students.
*Name changed for privacy