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Shark Attacks Child Down South

Connie* and her 10 year old daughter Missy traveled from the East Coast down South so Missy could spend some time with her grandparents. One day, they all headed to the beach for a relaxing day of sun and swimming. Missy had recently gotten a boogie board and loved being out with it in the ocean.

Everyone enjoyed the day watching Missy splash around in the waves until suddenly she began screaming and thrashing around. The lifeguard immediately swam out to rescue her when they realized that a shark had attacked her and badly injured her leg.
First responders were contacted and when they arrived, it was determined they had to air lift Missy to the hospital due to the severity of the injury. Connie was extremely upset and wanted to make sure that her young daughter’s injury was being treated properly so she called Assist America for help.
The Assist America coordinators began monitoring Missy’s care and learned that her leg had sustained massive soft tissue damage from the attack, requiring debridement to avoid infection and skin grafts. Because of her age and the possibility for long term issues, Assist America spoke to the treating medical team and determined that she would be moved via ground ambulance to a highly regarded children’s hospital in the area.
After several days in the hospital receiving treatment, Missy was able to be released and could return home. Assist America arranged and paid for Connie and Missy to fly back East via commercial carrier in First Class so Missy could have room to elevate her leg. Connie was so thankful that Missy was on the road to recovery after such a traumatic ordeal, and was thankful that Assist America ensured she got the care she needed.
*names changed for privacy