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A trusted, robust and rapid response to emergency situations

Situations can change from safe to potentially life threatening with startling speed. Anything from war and terrorism to natural disaster could mean members may need to leave an area or country quickly.

This is why Assist America provides SecurEvac, a fully customized and indemnified evacuation service for security, political and natural disasters emergencies. SecurEvac offers rapid response in circumstances where government and infrastructure, overwhelmed by a disaster or unrest, may have ceased to function effectively.

Assist America works closely with security evacuation experts who have a vast experience in extracting travelers and personnel from emergency situations where their safety is compromised or the area made uninhabitable.


Security & Political Emergencies:

In the event of a security or political emergency situation while a member is traveling outside of their home country, arrangements for the member’s evacuation from a safe departure point to the nearest safe haven location will be made. Such emergencies include but are not limited to wars, civil unrest, rebellions, riots and terrorism attacks.

Natural Disasters: 

Arrangements for an evacuation from a safe departure point to the nearest safe location will be made when a member's location becomes uninhabitable due to a natural disaster such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane or tsunami. 

SecurEvac provides:

  • Evacuation from a safe departure point to the nearest safe haven location
  • Repatriation home once the danger has cleared
  • 24/7 access to highly experienced crisis management and emergency response experts and security analysts
  • A network of local, in-country emergency response teams and security professionals throughout the world
Members or their employer must contact our Operations Center no later than five days after the host country issues an official disaster declaration or other applicable declaration. The most appropriate method of transportation to ensure member’s safety will be determined by security personnel. If the evacuation becomes impractical due to government-imposed restrictions, limitations, and activities, the security operations team will maintain contact with the member and advise them when an evacuation is viable.