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Top 5 Cities to Host a Corporate Event
Corporate events offer the opportunity to interact face to face with clients, partners and colleagues and play a strategic role in maintaining strong business relations. These events are also a great way to throw in a little fun and discover new cities.
Check out our 5 favorite cities that we think are the most suitable to satisfy all of your event’ requirements and delight your guests.


Best Time to Buy Plane Tickets? 54 Days in Advance
For the second year in a row, surveys show that the best time, on average, to purchase a plane ticket for domestic U.S. flights is 54 days in advance. 


World’s First Cruise Ship Tunnel to be Built in Norway
The world’s first cruise ship tunnel, Stad Ship Tunnel, will be built in Norway starting 2019 and will allow passenger ships to bypass a treacherous sea known for storms.


How to cope with labor strikes affecting your travel plans
Labor strikes occur more often than one would expect and can affect public transportation, air travel and even taxis. Travelers around the world should keep in mind that they may face cancellations, delays and disruptions and should always prepare accordingly. 


Shortest International Flight Scheduled to End in April
Just five months after the world’s shortest international route was added, the eight-minute flight between Germany and Switzerland will make its final journey on April 14.


How to keep fit on business trips
For most people, keeping fit involves an established exercise routine built around a regular weekly schedule. But what if your job involves large amounts of travel?


Travel Tips for an Unpredictable Political Environment
No matter how experienced you are as a world traveler, changing political landscapes can alter your plans far more than changes in physical landscapes.


Situation: Assist America's member, Emma was transported to a hospital after falling and severely injuring her head during a family cruise around Mexico.


Lost photos: Can you help find the owner?
What would you miss most if you lost your camera? The 36.3 megapixel FX sensor and weather-sealed body? Or the memory card filled with life's unrepeatable moments?


Electronics Banned Aboard US-Bound Flights from the MENA Region Starting March 21
Travelers headed to the U.S. from eight MENA countries have been prohibited to carry electronic devices larger than a cellphone during their flight.


7 Airports Offering Free City Tours During Layovers
Long layovers tend to involve over-priced, over-processed airport restaurants and poor decisions made in terminal gift shops. But not all cities are so dire: An increasing number of airports now offer tours of their cities for free!


Flights Canceled as Northeast US Braces for Major Winter Storm
Airlines have already canceled over 1200 flights in anticipation of Winter Storm Stella that is slated to hit the Northeast United States on Monday night through Tuesday afternoon.


Top Travel Agents on How to Stay Safe While Traveling
No matter where you are traveling, you need to be safe. Things can happen—injuries, theft, losses and more.


You can pay for drinks at this London bar by scanning your finger
A London bar has introduced advanced technology that allows customers to pay for their drinks simply by scanning their fingers.


The Best Places to Travel in March
There’s more to traveling in March than package trips to beach resorts for thirsty spring breakers: As the season looms in the Northern Hemisphere, temperatures rise and destinations emerge from winter hibernation.


Tips for traveling with kids from parents who've been on the road for 1 1/2 years
If you think packing up the minivan for a weekend at grandma's is overwhelming, try prepping for a year and a half on the road. Jessica and Garrett Gee have been traveling with their two kids, Dorothy, 4, and Manilla, 2, since August 2015.


Would You Want to Explore the Ocean in a Transparent Kayak?
If you want to take your kayaking experience to the next level, you may want to check out one of these transparent new kayaks created by Crystal Kayak Company, says Lonely Planet. 


I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you.
A few months ago I wrote about how you can encrypt your entire life in less than an hour. Well, all the security in the world can’t save you if someone has physical possession of your phone or laptop, and can intimidate you into giving up your password.


The Traveler Newsletter: February 2017
An informational bulletin on security, medical, and travel related issues


Love Is In the Air: Airports and Airlines Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Air travel is usually more stressful than romantic, but on Valentine's Day many airports and airlines go out of their way to add a little love — or at least some chocolate — to the journey.