This year, Assist America proudly celebrates 25 years of saving lives and providing peace of mind for its members worldwide. As the largest provider of global emergency medical services through employee and student benefit plans, we serve more than 30 million members and over 300,000 enterprises through programs from the world’s most prominent group benefit providers.

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We are the premier provider of global emergency services through group benefit programs.
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Sick and dying at 30,000 feet
You may have heard this announcement before: "Ladies and gentlemen, a passenger requires medical attention. If there is a physician or medical personnel on board, please identify yourself to a flight attendant."


US State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert
As the U.S. State Department issued a rare worldwide travel alert for Americans, Assist America wants to remind travelers to take all necessary precautions when traveling during this holiday season. 


Identity Theft: 15 Signs Yours Was Stolen
A thief could be feeding off of your identity for years before you find out—and when you find out, it’s only when you apply for a loan or to rent an apartment and get rejected on the grounds of bad credit—which the thief has tanked.


Free Travel in Europe Could Be a Casualty of the Paris Attacks
Border check-free travel is a bedrock principle of the European Union. But evidence that Paris attackers crossed borders could change that


France announces border checks in response to Paris attacks
It was not immediately clear exactly what the border checks meant for people traveling to or from France. The country's airports are still open, as is its rail system, according to a release from the French government.


Situation in Paris, France
Transportation Disruptions are occurring throughout Paris, France after Terrorist Attacks. Sporadic disruptions to public transport lines, including Metro and RER services, will likely continue.


ASSIST AMERICA CASE FILE: Member with Multiple Medical Conditions
Rima*, an Assist America member, was brought on a family trip to Southeast Asia by her children, far from her home in the Middle East. 


How to Use a Selfie to Coast through Immigration
Global Entry is a great way to speed through immigration when returning home from abroad, and it’s definitely worth the $100 signup fee. But there’s another program that speeds up the immigration process (albeit not as much) that not many people know about — and it’s free.


The 10 best airline lounges in the world
Americans almost can’t help but think of ourselves at the center of the universe, privy to the best of the best. But a new report from Hipmunk on the best airport lounges across the world doesn’t even see an American entry in the top 20. Instead, Asian, Middle Eastern, and above all, British airports dominate the luxe lounge list. Here’s a quick look at the top 10:


8 flu shot myths debunked
Myth: I don’t need to get the flu shot every year.


Hurricane Patricia Recap: Strongest Landfalling Pacific Hurricane on Record
Hurricane Patricia was a tropical cyclone that formed in the eastern Pacific and rapidly intensified into a Category 5 hurricane. Even more quickly than the storm strengthened, it rapidly weakened over the rugged terrain of Mexico.


Hurricane Patricia
Patricia becomes dangerous Category 5 hurricane Oct. 23; landfall in Jalisco State, Mexico, afternoon Oct. 23. Catastrophic damage likely. 


5 Airport Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of (That Work!)
Most travelers arrive at the airport with hopes of having a stress-free experience. But with long lines, high-priced dining, and cranky passengers, things rarely go as planned. While we can’t control the airlines, there are a few things you can do to make your time more enjoyable. Use these hacks the next time you head to the airport. 


Pets on Trains - Take Your Small Dog or Cat with You on Select Trains
You can take your small dog or cat along with you on select trains. Now that Rover can come over, we hope to see you and your pet onboard. Pease refer to the guidelines below. Other restrictions may apply. Note that these guidelines do not pertain to passengers traveling with service animals.


Baby girl born mid-flight at 30,000 feet
Woman gives birth mid-flight. Cameras roll. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the new baby on board.


Top 5 Ways We Waste Money On Air Travel
Last quarter, U.S. passenger airlines pulled in $5.5 billion dollars in net income, their biggest haul since 2007. And in the industry’s last annual report, U.S. airports said they pulled in $18.2 billion dollars in total operating revenue.


The Traveler October 2015
An informational bulletin on security, medical and travel-related issues


6 First Aid Mistakes You Make Every Day
Think you've got first aid down pat? Think again. Much of what most people know about first aid comes from outdated practices, old wives' tales, or was passed down through generations of family until it became fact. And if your great-great-grandmother says you should pour hydrogen peroxide over a scraped knee, you believe her.


3 scientists share Nobel Prize for medicine for work on parasitic diseases
The Nobel Prize for medicine has been jointly awarded this year to three scientists for their work on parasitic diseases.


How can you keep your digital identity safe?
When it comes to identity, most banking services seem to have kept a foot in the Stone Age while the internet changed the world around them. Just opening an account required individuals to show up to a brick-and-mortar branch carrying several different identity documents to prove who they are. Once the account is open, users rely on bank cards and passwords to transact.