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We are the premier provider of global emergency services through group benefit programs.
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Tired of boring Airbnb bookings?
Check out PlansMatter, a business oriented towards finding architecturally beautiful homes available for rent. If you care about renting in style, look no further!


Its Not too Late to Plan an Awesome Affordable Vacation
From the Swiss Apls to beaches in Hawaii, a U.S. News report provides ideas on how you can still have a great time traveling this summer, without breaking the bank. 


One of the Best Resort Designers Shares His Inspiring Philosophy
Bill Bensley is one of the best luxury resort designers in the world. Click here to learn more about his amazing work, and the philosophies he puts into his practice. 


How Far in Advance Should You Book an Airline Ticket to Get The Best Price?
Analysts at CheapAir.com have created a useful diagram to help travelers optimize the price they will pay for airline tickets going to specific regions. Any prospective traveler should check it out, to find out how far in advance they should buy their ticket if they want the best price.  


Ever Get Bored on Business Trip Flights?
One frequent flying business woman found the perfect way to turn something tedious into her new favorite hobby. Click the title to see some of her stunning work, and learn more. 


Solar Eclipse is Coming to America!
A solar eclipse will cast a shadow over America on Monday August 21st! Find out how much you will be able to see from your own town, and if you want to move to another to get the full once in a lifetime view. 


Assist Alert: Beware of Tainted Alcohol in Mexico Resorts
The U.S. State Department recently updated the Safety and Security guidance regarding travels to Mexico upon the release of an investigation surrounding a U.S. citizen’s questionable death at a resort in Mexico. 


Travel Tip
Are you anxious about accidentally leaving something on at home when traveling? Never again with this easy trick!


How To Dine Properly in Other Cultures
Here are some tips to consider when preparing to dine in a foreign country. Dining in accordance with their customs will go a long way for you, and any locals you might be with. 


The Hottest Trends in Carry-On Luggage
One must always have the right tools for the job, and traveling is no exception. Here, Travel Pulse discusses some of the most stylish and functional carry-on suitcases available today. 


Find Out Some of the Crazy Things Some People Have Been Caught Traveling With
The BBC reports on some of the crazy and unexpected things people have been caught with while travelling via train and plane. Click to get the full details on the findings.


How Can the New Travel Restrictions to Cuba Effect Your Vacation There?
The Trump administration has undone some of Obama's key legislation regarding travel to Cuba. The main restrictions include the abolishment of people-to-people travel, and transactions with companies run by the Cuban military. 


Remember, We're Here if You Need Us!
Remember that Assist America's Operations Centers are open 24/7. In the unfortunate event that you need us during this July 4th weekend, you can reach out to us by phone, email, text, or via our free mobile app. 


How to spot, avoid, and escape rip currents
Every beach goer should be aware of the threat posed by rip currents. Here you can learn how to identify and avoid, and possibly escape them.


Assist Alert: New Cyber Attack Causes Major Disruptions Around the World
A dozen countries reported this Tuesday, June 27, 2017 that a cyber-attack had targeted government sites, infrastructures, companies, banks and transportation.


Symptoms of Dry Drowning Every Parent Should Know
Dry drowning is something every single parent needs to know about -- especially in the summer months, as more children go into the water to evade the heat.


These Are The Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World
Here is a list of the 15 most dangerous places on earth to take a vacation. Thankfully, in case you still want to check the places out, Assist America will be there to assist you in case an incident happens! 


Assist America, Inc. Appoints New Vice President of Sales, David L. Nagengast
Assist America is pleased to announce and welcome David L. Nagengast as the new Vice President of Sales. David brings more than 20 years of sales and business development experience in the Group Insurance industry and extensive expertise in the domestic and international employee benefits sector.


Situation: Mr. Patel and his family where just over 180 kilometers from home, on his way to his parents' house, when a car hit them at full speed. While Mr. Patel and the children were unharmed, Mrs. Patel was unfortunately badly hurt. Thanksfully, Assist America was there help! 


Gulf Crisis is Latest Strain on 2022 World Cup in Qatar
The diplomatic crisis in the Middle Eastern Gulf has had an immediate effect on transportation, travel, immigration, supplies, and oil price. Another impact that sport fans should be aware of is how it may affect the 2022 World Cup in Qatar if the situation isn't resolved soon.