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The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Travel With Kids
If you are traveling with kids this Holiday season, be sure to check out our suggestions on how to do it right. It covers entertainment, safety, comfort, and planning, and can save you trip!


Great Destinations for 2018
If you want to travel in the coming year, but don't know where to go, this list is sure to get some ideas flowing!


Newest Concierge Employee of a Vegas Hotel is A Robot
A robot with advanced artificial intelligence has joined the concierge team at a Las Vegas hotel. Click to learn more about this amazing technology that could one day be in hotels everywhere.


Assist Alert: Limit the Impact of Air Pollution When Traveling
New Delhi, along with other metropolises around the world, have recently been under scrutiny for record high smogs. While travelers are unlikely to suffer long-term consequences of repeated exposure to smog, they may temporarily experience shortness of breath, worsening of asthma and allergy symptoms, throat or chest irritations. Read Assist America's tips to limit the impact of air pollution when traveling. 


Don't Throw Away Your Boarding Pass
Security experts are advising passengers not to throw out their passes or post pictures of it online. Hackers can gain access to your personal information via a boarding pass barcode. 


Assist Alert: Critical Volcano Activity in Bali
The volcano activity of Mount Agung is now at a very high level and the risk of a more dangerous eruption is increasing. Experts say that a larger, explosive eruption could happen or that the volcano activity could continue for weeks. 


Cheap Ways to Entertain Yourself at Airports
Waiting at the airport can be extremely boring. These simple tips will help you alleviate this boredom without breaking the bank. 


Photos from Around the World This Week
These images show some of the stories you didn't hear about in the news this week, as well as fresh angles on the ones you did. 


Smog in New Delhi Causes Flight Cancellations
Traveling to New Delhi may be difficult as some airlines have canceled flights due to the intense smog. Click to learn more about this recent health emergency in India. 


The Traveler: November 2017
For the last 'The Traveler' of the year, enjoy a newsletter packed with interesting security, health and travel-related articles. We wish you an excellent end of 2017 and see you in January for more exciting content!


Best Places to Have A Thanksgiving Feast Abroad
If you are travelling abroad this Thanksgiving, this list should help you find the most traditional (and delicious) food in a city near you!


Tackle Solo Travel Effectively With These Useful Tips
If you are going to travel by yourself, the tips from this list will help you have a smooth and less stressful journey.


Best Travel Destinations for November
Climate, seasonal activities, and many more factors were used to create this ultimate November travel list. 


Intense Landing Footage
A Qatar Airlines pilot shares the cockpit footage of an incredibly stressful (but beautiful) landing. Click to watch the amazing video and learn more!


The Americas are Looking Spooky Today!
With the Day of the Dead being celebrated in Mexico, and Halloween in America, much of the Americas are dressing up today. There is actually very little correlation between the two holidays, and are celebrated for different reasons. Click to learn 10 things that everyone should know about the Day of the Dead. 


Assist Alert: New Security Measures Affecting Air Travel
U.S. air travel is subject to new security procedures, impacting both domestic and international flights. While the DHS is rolling out its final phase of the REAL ID Act which concerns all domestic U.S. travels, airlines announced new security measures on inbound flights to the U.S.


Firsthand Description of the Papal Plane
Thats right, We're talking abou the Pope! The Vatican doenst actually own a plane, so how does he fly, and what is the plane he flies on actually like? 


How to Navigate Extreme Weather on a Trip
The Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing (technically ends November 30). If a hurricane or storm is set to effect your travels, these tips are sure to help you out!


The Worlds Best Travel Agent Shares her Top Achievements
Ever since Jaclyn India founded her ultra high end travel agency, she has encountered some of the worlds wealthiest clients. She has helped arrange weddings on the Eiffel Tower, private viewings of the Mona Lisa, and even found a way to have a client explore the Galapagos Islands from the comfort of their own Yacht.  


The 10 Best Marine Adventure Holidays in the World
If you enjoy the ocean, and underwater exploration this list is perfect for you. A vacation to any of these spots is sure to be an unforgettable experience!