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Access to Assist America
is as close as your smart phone


Our free Apps for iPhone and Android give you instant access to a wide range of assistance, including:

  • One-touch call to our 24/7 Emergency Operations Center
  • Travel alerts
  • Pre-trip information, such as country-specific visa requirements, immunization regulations, security advisories, and more
  • Travel Status Indicator (lets members know when they are eligible for Assist America services)
  • Global Embassy Locator
  • U.S. Pharmacy Locator
  • Information about all our member services
  • Information about student services for our Scholastic Emergency Services Members

Members of SecurAssist can access this vital service from their phones, as well. Our free app gives individuals traveling on business and their employers immediate access to information that can help prevent and/or resolve dangerous situations.

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You can download our apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play.